As a qualified silversmith, Emma's jewellery pieces are the perfect marriage between technical skill and a heartfelt, intuitive design aesthetic.

"All my jewellery is created with passion and love. I allow my materials to lead much of my design process, from the very beginning; each piece is guided by its inherent qualities, taking on a life of its own. I love this process and I like to think of my pieces as wearable art that will last a lifetime!"

Emma's unique jewellery is inspired by ancient and tribal adornments—contemporary interpretations of jewellery, handcrafted in limited ranges or as bespoke pieces.

All materials are sustainably-sourced and largely consist of Sterling Silver, Copper and Brass, as well as Australian and recycled exotic woods including Ebony, Gidgee & She Oak.

Using traditional techniques such as Fabrication, Forging, Oxidizing, Inlay, Carving and Chain-making, Emma creates unusual, unique, and beautifully finished pieces that make a special and treasured addition to any collection.