Emma designs and styles outdoor spaces. Whether it's a thoughtful garden de-clutter, a complete exterior makeover, incorporation of a unique new look, or a more temporary installation for an event or a sales campaign.

"With gardening in my blood, I've always loved creating spaces and working with people to make their gardens an extension of their homes — a place they want to spend time and live in.
"I absolutely love making this transition happen for people!"

With horticultural studies under her belt and time spent as a professional landscaper, Emma has honed her passion, creativity and knowledge of what will work for all exterior spaces. Utilising what is already in a garden, or sourcing and installing everything from scratch to create a unique addition to every home—the aim of every project is to deliver a space that will be treasured and enjoyed for years to come—a haven of relaxation and entertainment—never a burden or inconvenience to its owners.

Greeves St, Fitzroy

A small space this one true with Melbourne character, it has a deck over most of the old red bricks but the back section near the fence still has the bricks exposed.

It was over run with weeds and excess stuff!

This project really evolved!

It started what a few potted plants and the clean-up, it ended up with me painting the back of the house, fences and styling.

The client and I carefully selected a colour scheme of dark grey blues, grey, charcoal pots and white.

Beautiful big leaves, succulents, herbs and native grasses which added texture and softened edges have been selected as a low water maintaince garden. Oh and a lovely olive tree.

Alma Road, East St Kilda

It's often the case that good ideas and intentions in a garden turn into an overwhelming job.

The foundations were in this garden it just needed a little love! That’s where I come in.

This is an evolving project, to start with I had a decent tidy up and got rid of excess bits and pieces.

Gave everything a little lift and prune.

The one thing that needed attention was the blue board at the back of the house. After deciding how to tackle this we decided to seal it and paint it with texture paint, it looked fantastic, it fits so well into the theme of this relaxed garden...

Iffla Street, South Melbourne

This is lovely courtyard garden, which is paved and well used in summer, it need it’s annual clean up.

I pruned the massive espaliated lemon trees, and removed some pavers in the right hand corner where I planted an established Japanese Maple which had been removed from a garden around the corner and salvaged by the owner of this garden.

I styled this garden with pots that were alredy there and replenished the annual herbs, pruned other plants, cleaned up and streamlined this lovely space.

Montgomery St, Skipton

This is/ has been my toughest project yet!

This is the garden/property of my partner and I. I'm the one with the passion for the garden so it's my domain. Although he’s very helpful with heavy lifting and technical help!!

I have been here for three years and the first project was to get some veggies growing, I came upon some wooden weapons crates which came from USA, I got them from a local truck driver and couldn’t think of a better use for them but to upcycle them into raised organic vegetable beds!

I used the lasagne layering technique and they thrive every season.

I counted all the edibles I am growing and counted 48 plants, I got excited!

Having come from the city and rental properties I brought with me around 60 pots with all sorts of various plants that I have dragged around with me for years, they love stretching their roots into the ground now!

The next project was to get windbreaks into this windswept, flat, dry land of just over an acre! Natives such as banksias, callistmon, gravillias, hakea and various eucalypts are growing. Also an orchard has been started too.

There are raised beds popping up all over the block now, tractor tires have been utilized, volcanic rock from the region, recycled timber, and it keeps growing!

I'm in love with my very first dig a hole and plant a tree garden!

Stokes Street, Port Melbourne

This garden is near and dear to my heart, it's my family home and my mum's well loved and wonderfully colourful garden!

There are sculptures, Mosaic tiles, a mural which my mum painted (she's an amazing artist see links) a massive palm tree and other wild and wonderful established plants.

At times this garden can get a little overwhelming for a good sizes city block, so I came in to give a little assistance and sort out some problem areas.

I removed liriope which was overtaking a path, and gave the birds of paradise some room to grow, and planted some higher leaves and succulents and then mum added a passionfruit vine.

The front needed a tidy up too removal of some older plants and a little room made for some new plants to fall in love with. This project will be a work in progress, which I love the brainstorming and chats with mum over a vino on the verandah!

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