Welcome, I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I enjoy making them!

Coming from a rather bohemian background, I have always enjoyed working with my hands and from my heart.

From a young age I've designed & made clothes for myself, pottered in the garden, created art, and made jewellery, accessories, and other creative treasures for myself & my nearest & dearest.

Following a stint traveling Australia and living in the Tropics I made the decision to focus my passions and sink my teeth and creative hunger into something of substance. Basing myself in Melbourne, I studied to become a jeweller and Silversmith.

On completion of my study, and after garnering an award for the "Most innovative use of design and materials", I was inspired to continue experimenting with Australian wood and copper in my work—I love the process and the ability to create incredible patinas and heat-treated effects.

Materials, texture and colour drive all my design work.

The inspiration behind each piece is more intangible—my best work comes from great stories, tall tales, lyrics and rhymes, love stories, sentimental or heirloom pieces, an antique stone or a newly grown leaf.

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